“They All Think I’m Dead”- The True (Very Brief) Account After The Impact

After the impact, I blacked out. Seconds or minutes passed, that fact is still questionable.

I remember looking at the floor and noticing that my right foot was in bad shape. It was limp and mangled.

I saw that the car’s center console flew into the passenger’s seat, and the whole passenger side was caved in.

It seemed surreal to me. I was watching myself looking at the destruction. As reality kicked in, I could smell and taste the burning, bitter powder the airbag released. I could hear the blaring of my car’s horn and some commotion outside.

Within seconds, an intense feeling of anxiety, panic and fear washed over me. All I could think was, “They all think I’m dead. They all think I’m dead.”

I unbuckled the seat-belt and started pounding on the window, while in excruciating pain.

Someone finally opened the door after what seemed to be an eternity.


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