Say My Name

The origin of my first name, Sherry, is questionable.

Some people say it’s French and means “darling” while others say it is Israeli in nature and means “beloved”.

This is what I do know. My parents were debating what I should be called. They flip-flopped between three names: Laura, Temple and Sherry. Ultimately, Sherry was chosen for me. My mother said my father, quite the prolific drinker, “named you Sherry because he couldn’t call you Vodka”.

During my youth, I was embarrassed by my name. Many would break out into the song performed by Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons. In my adulthood, I’ve learned to embrace it. When people ask me to spell it, I always say, “It’s like the wine or the song”. Usually, everyone gets it, but I’ve gotten my share of Cherie, Sherrie, Cherry, Sheree and Sharon’s.

I am blessed not to have been named Laura. I would have gotten a lot of questions about Luke or how my little house on the prairie was doing. If I was called Temple, I would be forced to have a career as an environmental activist or an adult entertainer.

My opinion is once a child is born, the parents know what to call their newborn because it just fits.

What about you?


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